A few reviews.

Based on recent Chippin snack samplings, from dog park tastings to home kitchen training sessions.

Chatting about Chippin:

Our fur baby can't get enough of these snacks. He typically doesn't like the run of the mill treat but as soon as he smelled these he got super excited. We love that these are both good for his and environmentally friendly. Definitely recommend.

Martha & Seth, Pet Parent to Sawyer

Our border collies absolutely loved these treats. Jynx will take food he's not sure of off to play with and roll on before he eats it. These treats he just scarfed down … no investigation needed. I also brought the treats on a hike recently since the ingredients are great for refueling...these will become a regular.

Tina, Pet Parent to Zak & Jynx

Our pups absolutely loved these treats. Usually our oldest boy is a picky eater when it comes to snacks but he gobbled these up as fast as he possibly could. These will definitely be a staple in our doggie pantry.

Ashley, Pet Parent to Bonita, Bandit & Benji

Our puppy Brixton loves his Chippin snacks! We use Chippin to train him because they are his favorite.

Josh & Kristie, Pet Parents to Brixton

We love Chippin for the quality of its ingredients, the variety of flavors and its healthy source of protein.

Juan, Pet Parent to Wharton

Shadow is a mini labradoodle that refuses to eat treats. To my surprise, he loved these treats! In addition, he has a highly sensitive stomach and did not experience tummy issues! Highly recommend!!!

Donna, Pet Parent to Shadow