Vet Recommended. Planet Friendly. Dog Approved.

 A protein-rich diet is good for our pups. All natural dog treats made with sustainable protein. 

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We believe that what our dogs eat can be healthy, fun and - with the right ingredients - a force for change.

We couldn't find a traditional "treat" that delivered, so we created our powerful and tasty Chippin cricket snacks.

Chip in with Chippin and do good for pup & planet.

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What we're all about.


Developed with veterinarians and animal nutritionists. 


Crafted with human grade cricket protein and curated ingredients from the USA. 

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Only made with real, premium quality Ingredients.





Flax Seed


Sweet Potato



Time to Mix it Up.

Gourmet Chippin snacks made with cricket protein. Crickets are rich in Omega 3s, B vitamins, and complete animal protein.  Just like us, our pups need protein variety!

Reviews: Our Chippin Champs Have Spoken

We love Chippin for the quality of its ingredients, the variety of flavors and its healthy source of protein.

Juan, Pet Parent to Wharton

Our border collies absolutely loved these treats. Jynx will take food he's not sure of off to play with and roll on before he eats it. These treats he just scarfed down ... no investigation needed.

Tina, Pet Parent to Zak & Jynx

Our puppy Brixton loves his Chippin snacks! We use Chippin to train him because they are his favorite.

Josh & Kristie, Pet Parents to Brixton